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Invert Sugar

At this point, the meals industry takes advantage of an additional house of fructose. The fructose has a hygroscopic impact, i.e. it attracts moisture from the ambient air and in this way prevents the food from drying out. l'enzyme invertase -quantity E 1103 is mostly employed right now in the field of confectionery. Here, the invertase guarantees that the household sugar employed is broken down. The resulting invert sugar has the advantage that the fructose prevents crystals from forming. This indicates that confectionery fillings stay supple. The prevailing opinion is that the invertase enzyme is medically protected.
The meals chemist Bernd Leitenberger introduces the art of reading extra directories. This contains an insight into some regulations of meals law, such as the labeling components, regulations for nutritional details, organic meals or light merchandise as well as the GDA labeling. The meals additive invertase is typically authorized for use in meals.
These include things like invertase, beta-fructosidase, maxinvert L 1000 and fructosylinvertase. A term that is no longer or only seldom utilised in Germany today is invertin.
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A limitation of the maximum quantity was also not determined for E 1103. The commonly authorized additive for foods that are to be placed on the marketplace untreated may possibly not be applied. It is typically prohibited to use meals additives for foodstuffs that are not allowed to be mixed with additives at all due to legal regulations. In parallel, invertase is applied as a humectant.
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So far, there are no recognized adverse wellness effects following the consumption of foods with E-number E 1103. Due to this reality, there are no specifications relating to the maximum amounts to be employed or an ADI worth for the everyday consumption of invertase. The truth that invertase has discovered its location in the food business is due to the unique properties of the end item resulting from the breakdown of sucrose. and E numbers explains the additives and E numbers as properly as the legal basis. This brochure is a guide for all interested customers who want to know much more about additives than just their E number.
E number E 1103 guarantees that the breakdown into fructose and glucose guarantees that invert sugar is made. Many names are known for invertase in English-speaking countries.
Saccharase can also be utilised in parallel to the term invertase. Thanks to the sucrose, it is probable to combine different kinds of sugar in honey. Of course, the whole point also has a practical worth.

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